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Dunlop Ultex Jazz III XL

Dunlop Ultex Jazz III XL

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Ultex Takes a New Shape!

Dunlop Jazz III guitar picks are a hot item here at Sweetwater, and we're excited to offer you the Ultex Jazz III XL. Dunlop has made it easy for you to switch up the tonality of your playing by combining the feel of the Ultex material with the playability of the Jazz III shape. And since it's closer in size to a standard pick than a Jazz III, the Ultex Jazz III XL gives you the opportunity to experience the control and speed the Dunlop Jazz guitar picks are famous for.

Dunlop Jazz III XL Guitar Pick Features:

  • Ultex material for weight, longer life, and attack
  • Jazz III tip for control, speed, and clarity
  • XL size for best of both playability worlds - larger grip area and beveled, pointed tip design
  • 1.38mm

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